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Dajavon Moore-Adu


 Licensed Master of Social Work

Co-Founder of The Holistic Coalition, LLC.

The Holistic Coalition is a team of women therapists working together to provide our clients with all the tools, support, and resources to assist our clients in achieving and sustaining optimal wellness.

My mission is to guide black women toward emotional wellness, resilience, and self-discovery. Having a deep understanding of the unique stressors and experiences faced by black women, I specialize in empowering my clients to overcome stress, anxiety, and depression by utilizing a combination of evidence-based therapeutic techniques such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) from a holistic approach.

I believe in treating all of the 7 dimensions of your wellness (spiritual, physical, social, financial, environmental, occupational, and intellectual) so that I can treat the entirety of the individual, not just the mental health. Wellness is about making intentional choices each day to find balance.

There is power in self-acceptance and self-care, and my goal is to guide my clients on a journey of discovery and healing. With open dialogue and a safe space to share and process, we'll work collaboratively to create positive change in your life.

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