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The Holistic Coalition

                                                                                                      is a client-centered practice, empowering individuals to live at their optimal level of wellness. We offer individual, family, and couples therapeutic counseling, as well as, holistic wellness consulting. We have taken an alternative approach to traditional therapeutic services by incorporating holistic wellness into our treatment process. We believe in order to treat a person effectively you need to consider their circumstances holistically. 


We consider all eight areas of wellness (spiritual, social, mental/emotional, occupational, financial, intellectual, environmental, physical) when treating our clients. Providing them with tools and skills to bring balance to their imbalanced areas of wellness. Our individualized wellness journeys provide our clients with a detailed outline of realistic goals, strategies, and resources to aid them in meeting their desired outcomes. We also provide our clients with weekly motivational messages via text or email, therapeutic counseling sessions, and follow-up services.


We understand that change can be difficult and addressing unsettling and painful topics may be the least favorable aspects of treatment, but with dedication, support and a conscious effort you can learn skills to stimulate long-lasting permanent change in your life. 


We like to think of ourselves as dream catchers allowing your positive dreams and aspirations to flow freely and trapping the negative thoughts that may hinder you from obtaining your optimal level of wellness. 


Here is where your journey starts...

Welcome to Wellness!




Mission Statement

The mission of the Holistic Coalition is to provide a culturally appropriate safe haven for holistic healing of individuals and families in the African American community, by offering a wide range of healing services from a network of African American Holistic Wellness providers. Our providers work together to guide our clients towards holistic healing through education, guidance and advocacy. We aim to assist our clients in making healthy sustainable life changes mentally, physically, spiritually, and socially.

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